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How Do I Use This Site?

1. Get A Plan

Decide what forms you need, where you need them, and what info you want to collect.

2. Find, Make Or Request

Most people are able to find a form suitable to their needs, which may only require a small amount of modification in our Instant Forms Library.

If you can't find what you're looking for there, you can always Create Your Own Form from scratch.

Or you can request that we create a Custom Form for you.

3. Modify & Set Email Recipients

We make it very easy for you at any time to change most aspects of the form. Use the Customize button in the Members Area to modify the form as needed and have the changes instantly reflected on your site.

Even if you don't want to change the way the form looks, you still need to set the email addresses that will receive the form info as it is submitted.

Do this by clicking the Customize button in the Members Area next to the form and click the Email Notification Options and adding email addresses using the Add Email Recipient field.

4. Generate & Paste

You're not pasting the HTML code that draws the form, you're pasting a dynamic window into your site which we load the forms into. Generate the HTML snippet for each of your forms by clicking the Generate HTML button next to the form in the Members Area and paste it into your web pages as necessary. If you need help with this step please Contact Us and we will help you (as much as we can :)

5. Test

Make sure that the form is working as predicted. Run through and enter examples of the expected input, and then a few times with unexpected input to see how the form reacts. Sometimes the form is cut-off at the bottom, if this is the case you need to adjust the height of the form, regenerate the HTML snippet and paste it into your web page to correct the problem. Use the Preview Form option in the Members Area to test the form before you paste it into your site.

6. Purchase

Return to the Members Area and activate your forms and continue enjoying the use of this premium form service.

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