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The Fastest and Easiest-to-Use Website Forms.                Guaranteed.

Best. Website Forms. Ever.

Features List

Free Form Templates
Select from one of our many pre-designed forms for you to use in whole or as a template for you to modify to your needs.

Online Form Builder
Our online form builder allows you to add/remove fields with ease, as well as edit every aspect of your form from an easy-to-use web page.

No Programming Required
Our forms require no programming on your part - if you can copy & paste then you've got all the technical know-how required.

Unlimited Submissions Per Month
We don't limit the number of times your form can be used per month.

Unlimited Stored Submissions
Keep as many submissions as you like stored on our form servers. We're here for you - and we won't charge you extra for our good looks.

Instant Email Notification
Be notified instantly when someone submits your form. You can have as many email recipients as you like.

Modify Colors & Fonts
We want your forms to match your website - so we've given you the ability to change the fonts and colors of the form.

Secured w/ SSL
All of our forms are secured with 128-bit encryption GeoTrust SSL certificates.

Sub-Accounts & Delegated Permissions
Grant access to the forms in your account to other users. Specify the permissions and restrict access as needed.

Pass submitted form information to 3rd party webservices in real-time. Ideal for email campaigns and creating user subscriptions.
Phone, Email & Chat Support
We're here for you. If you need help we're happy to do so. See if you can call any of our competitors and wake them up at 4am :)

Submission Reports in Excel Format (.CSV)
Generate and view reports of your submitted data with ease. These reports integrate well into most applications for mail-merge and import routines.

Email Auto-Responder
Create an auto-responder email to go out to the person who submitted your form. It let's them know you care.

Unlimited Input Fields
Create as many input fields as you like per form. There's no limit.

Modify Form Fields w/ CSS
If you know CSS - you can use it to modify the colors and fonts of the individual form fields.

Custom ThankYou Page
Create a custom message to your form users to let them know that their form was submitted and what their next step is.

Custom ThankYou Redirect
After the form is submitted you can optionally redirect your visitors to a page of your choice.

Adjust Local TimeZone
Select your time zone so that the date and time of the information collected matches your local time.

Progress Bar Uploader
Display a progress bar when uploading files via the forms.

API Accesss
Access the forms and submitted data in your account via our API.
Log Remote IP Address
Include the IP address of the person who submitted the form.

Validate Submitted Data
Use filters to qualify and validate the collected data.

We don't show any ads. Ever. I don't even think we own any ... ?

Specify Custom SMTP Server
Want to use your own SMTP server? No problem .. You can choose how the email is delivered with this option.

Email Formatting Options
We don't offer many choices (yet!) for formatting the emails of the submitted form data, but there's a couple.

Form Usage Statistics
We collect the number of people that use your form each day so you can quickly see the activity.

Custom Submission Cut-Off
Choose to automoatically disable your form after a specific number of submissions or a date/time.

CAPTCHA Security Code
We don't have a problem with spam, but here's a way to be sure - add a CAPTCHA field to your form and require the users to fill in the letter/number combination they see in the image.

Secure Submission Viewer
View submitted form information securely instead of via email.

& Much More ...
We're always adding new features and love to hear from our users who have ideas on how we can improve.

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