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Place each score in the contest, in the order it occurred, on a separate line. If more than 15 scores occurred, add additional scores in the larger text field at the bottom. Please make every effort to include first and last names, spelled correctly. If you do not know something about a score, use N/A to signify the missing information.

Begin with the initials of the team which scored. Use the following format for each score entry:

Rushing Touchdown:
AB - Jones 12 run

Passing Touchdown
CA - Jones 17 pass from Smith

Extra Point(s)
Extra Points should be placed in parenthesis on the same line with touchdown listings:
(Jones kick) or (Jones run) OR (Jones pass from Smith)
Failed extra point(s):
(kick failed) OR (run failed)

DE - Anderson 67 punt return OR DE - Anderson 91 kick return OR DE - Anderson 26 interception return OR DE - Anderson 8 fumble recovery return

SF - Safety (Jones tackle in end zone) OR SF - Safety (ball fumbled through end zone)

After all scores, add the quarter and time of score (i.e., AB - Jones 7 run (Smith kick) - 1Q - 11:01

Game Summary (Optional):
Write a brief summary of the game which we can use to post in a game recap on VarsitySportsNetwork.com. Coaches can use this area to make specific comments
(quotes) about the game, their team or specific players.

Also include statistical leaders, information about key plays and any other facts that
were important to the outcome of this contest.

If you have a photo, stat sheet or another document you would like to include with this box score, attach it here. If you have additional files, email them to scores@VarsitySportsNetwork.com.