Beaver Creek Camp Registration Form 2020  Thank You for signing your child up for camp! Please know that all information that you provide us with will be kept in the strictest confidence. The information that we ask for is to provide your camper with the best camping experience that we can!

General Registration Information

Emergency Contact if we can't contact the Parent or Guardian




Church Information

BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE! If you have previously attended summer camp at Beaver Creek Camp, you can Bring a Friend For Free. That’s Right! If you have attended Beaver Creek Camp before, then this summer, you can bring one friend who is new to camp at no cost to that friend. Instead of paying the regular summer camp fee, your friend will register as a first-time camper with a complimentary guest registration. Limits: * 1 guest registration per returning camper * Register by June 1, 2020 * Guest Registrations apply to 1st time campers attending along with a returning camper.

Camping Experience & Relevant Personal Issues to be aware of in confidence
The following information is designed to assist the camp director and counselors in most constructively grouping, program planning, and counseling with your camper. Only those directly responsible for your camper will have access to this information.

General Medical Background & Emergency Permissions
Describe any medical problems for which treatment is or might be necessary while at camp, including any prescription or over-the-counter medicines to be taken. (please state dosage required)

Permission for Medical Care
In Case of an Emergency: I understand that every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian of a camper or minor staff member, or next of kin of an adult staff member, in case of a medical emergency. In the attempt that such attempts are unsuccessful, I hereby authorize the staff at Beaver Creek Camp to obtain medical care for the person identified in this form, and hereby authorize the physician and/or hospital selected to provide emergency treatment for the person identified in this form.

T-Shirts & Pictures

May we include pictures of your camper in photographs that we post on our camp website? (No camper names are provided.) Check YES or NO