National Fishing in Schools Program

Personal Training Registration Form

To register for a Personal Training session, please fill out and submit this form. Registration is limited. Your registration will be confirmed by email, including specifics on training site, times and other details.  Self-study training may also be available online, via the NFSP CAST Online Training Course - please find details on our website.

Select your preferred curriculum, certification type and training date from the drop down menus below.
Curriculum codes: select one...
   1.  CALCAS = "Cast A Lure, Catch A Student" - spincasting
   2.  CAFCAS = "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" - fly fishing

Certification codes: select one...
   1.  CTT = NFSP Level 2 Teacher Trainer - these are for those who wish to "teach the teacher"; 2 days
   2.  TT = NFSP Level 1 Teacher - these are for teachers who will be instructing school students; 1 day
   3.  MT = NFSP Mentor - for those wishing to assist the Level 1 Teachers in and/or outside the classroom; 1 day

Sessions labeled CLOSED = Means the training is closed to a pre-selected group and is not available to other applicants

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Select one training session below: TT = Teacher; CTT = Teacher Trainer; MT = Mentor
* Level 1 training is 1 day