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About Form Experts

The Story
In the beginning, it was all about designing the best looking website, spending hours or days in front of Photoshop to make everything pretty, and only a small percentage of websites actually performed some type of ecommerce functions, or collected information from its visitors. But now the times have changed - almost anyone can create a good-looking website in minutes, and of those, only the sites that interact with visitors are going to be competitive and successful.

The Need is owned and run by me, Ian Duncan, a website developer turned "website form guru". I've worked with websites since 1996 and I quickly realized that the key to a successful business website is how it interacts with its visitors - and how's that done? Through forms!

The Solution
Website visitors today want instant gratification when they are on your site - they want to search your databases, contact you with information, provide feedback, purchase your products or services. And that's where I come in - I can provide you and your website with the complete set of tools to fulfill your visitors needs and compete in today's online marketplace.

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